It’s been awhile!

I will be doing an update here shortly, been rather busy with things.  Big contract with Lifestyle Lift (which went very well and is now complete), a vacation to the Philippines where I got engaged, and also a new job that I started June 2nd.  Things are on the up and up for me, and are continuing to do so.  In my next update I will go into detail about my contract with LSL and also post some pictures from my Philippine trip.


Have a happy day :)


– Mark

The Last of US by Naughty Dog…

So after months and months of on and off playing, I finally finished the Last of Us.  This game in my opinion defines what story telling should be in games today.  As with the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog and set the bar pretty hard, and shows that they can tell compelling stories that drag you in, make you care for the characters, and want to keep playing.  I feel that The Last of Us is now my favorite game, replacing Uncharted 2.  The story pacing seems to be better, the visuals better, and I really do not have anything bad to say about it either.

On Thursday November 14th, at the Spike TV Playstation 4 debut, Naughty Dog announced a new story based DLC called Left Behind that will focus on Ellie and her best friend.  I am quite excited for this.  It should tide me over until the next Uncharted comes out, either that or the next DLC for The Last of Us: Left Behind.

If you have a PS3 and still have not played The Last of Us, you owe it to your self to play this game!

Working on Pics n Motion…

I recently was awarded my LLC for Pics n Motion.  I have been working very hard with the branding, designing the website, and all of the other items that go along with it.  I had hired a programmer to convert an html site that I had put together using Apple iWeb, but the guy failed.  I filed a dispute with Elance and won my money back.  I have since then been redesigning the site using Adobe Muse, which is an amazing app.  It has some features that I wanted to use with wordpress, but I wont have to code anything, which I am a huge fan of, because coding is not my thing.

Here are 3 icons that I am finishing up, 2 of them are complete, 1 is just about there.


MediaDesign-Icon---PNM-Desnigned Photography-Icon---PNM-Desnigned VideoProduction-Icon---PNM-Desnigned

Business is a boomin!

I’m starting to get so busy I decided to hire an assistant.  Tomorrow marks the first time I will be giving an interview.  I have already talk to her on the phone and it seems like she knows what she is doing.  The main app she will be using is Photoshop, so I am hoping that her skills are where I need them to be.  From the sounds of her education, they should be.  Anything else she can use or do is a bonus.

I have a lot of photoshop work coming in, which is awesome, so some assistance is going to be amazing.  No more working 7 days a week for me.  This will also allow me to grow my business too.  I have been wanting to spread out what Pics n Motion does, which I have already planned out, but need time to build that end of the business up.

Having someone helping me out with some of the projects that I have going on here will most likely allow me to either bring in more work, or start building out what we do.


Kind of excited about the possibilities right now.

What a month it has been!

For the past several weeks it has been crazy in my neck of the woods.  I have moved, which took a lot of time and a lot out of me, and my client list has grown quite a bit. What a month it has been!  Indeed I am quite happy about all of the positives this past month has brought to me.

Right now I am working for a couple new clients that are just awesome!  During my move, they were understanding and accepted the fact that sometimes life will send you in a direction you were not ready for.

Also during this past month I started to write a book.  Ill post snippets from it from time to time, once I feel the material is right.  I have the structure completed, but now its time for the content, of which is also coming along nicely.

I just wanted to update this site with a posting of why I have not posted.  I guess its been quite the past few months, haha.  Anyways, work has been the main reason, and then finding a place to live and then move.  So yeah, thats it.




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